The 13 Best New Trailers for Outdoor Adventure

Your backcountry rambles will never be the same with these towables

WORDS By Kraig Becker


Boondocking and overlanding are all the rage these days, and the range of recreational vehicles on the market has changed accordingly. More RV brands are offering trailers specifically designed for off-road travel and off-grid camping—the perfect base camps for backcountry expeditions. And while some of these models shun lavish amenities in favor of staying light and nimble on the trail, others offer a surprising array of features, delivering comfort and style to remote campsites. 

When it’s time to chase the romance of the wild way out to where the pavement ends (or just grab some quiet time), consider these:


Taxa's flagship model is billed as a minimalist off-road trailer, although its long list of features seems to defy that label. With space to sleep four adults, a full galley kitchen, interior and exterior showers, a bathroom with a cassette toilet and a pop-up roof, the Mantis feels roomy and comfortable. Upgrade to the Overland Edition for more ground clearance, an axle-less suspension, 16" steel wheels and off-road tires. taxaoutdoors.com

Length: 19' Dry Weight: 3,115 lbs. Sleeps: 4+
MSRP: $45,750



On the outside, the Black Series HQ19 looks like a sturdy off-road travel trailer with a reinforced chassis,  shock-absorbing suspension and all-terrain tires. Inside, the camper resembles a well-appointed tiny home on wheels, with a surprising number of comforts, including a queen-size bed,  modern kitchen and a dinette flanked by twin leather mini-sofas. Four 150W solar panels and 400Ah house batteries provide power when venturing off-grid. blackseries.net 

Length: 25' Dry Weight: 6,525 lbs. Sleeps: 3
MSRP: $49,899



Available in two distinct floorplans, the Enduro is Lance's entry into the overland trailer market. Compact and lightweight, this model has a Curt independent coil-spring suspension and rugged construction, making it highly capable on rough terrain. An onboard wet bath, large bed, 40-gallon freshwater tank, and solar panels paired with a 1500W inverter and lithium house battery are all standard equipment. lancecamper.com

Length: 12' Dry Weight: 3,500 lbs. Sleeps: 2/3
MSRP: $68,080



Bruder describes the EXP-8 as the "ultimate off-road, off-grid trailer," and based on its technical specs, it's hard to argue with that description. Riding on a custom-built air suspension with four 18" tires and eight independent shock absorbers, this towable is an overlanding beast. Other highlights include 1600W solar panels, a 20kWh battery capacity, an 80-gallon freshwater tank, and a built-in water pump and filter. A comfortable interior features a twin-burner induction stove, a microwave, ducted A/C, and a queen-size bed. Mind the price tag, it’s not for the faint of heart. bruderx.com

Length: 23'3" Dry Weight: 5,852 lbs. Sleeps: 2+3
MSRP: $217,500



The G12 adventure trailer from Arkto Campers comes with an axle-less suspension system, 17" alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, and a galvanized steel chassis, which the brand claims is built to last up to 75 years. The trailer features LED lighting inside and out, a queen-size bed, powder-coated aluminum cabinets, and a pop up ceiling with an interior height of 6' 8."  Concerns about meal prepping are put at ease thanks to a slide-out kitchen with a dual-burner stove, stainless steel sink and 75L fridge/freezer. arktocampers.com

Length: 19' 4" Dry Weight: 3,600 lbs. Sleeps: 4
MSRP: $50,000



With a 20" ground clearance, independent air suspension and durable tires, the Boreas EOS-12 makes the transition from tarmac to trail a breeze . The burly travel trailer is equipped with 400-watt solar panels, a Truma Combi water heater/furnace, heated holding tanks and a three-burner Furrion stove located in an outdoor galley kitchen. The cozy, fully insulated cabin features a comfortable queen-size mattress, a wet bath with a cassette toilet, and a large dinette with seating for five. Garmin's O.N.E. system allows owners to monitor batteries, holding tank levels, lights, heating, and more from a smartphone. boreascampers.com

Length: 20' Dry Weight: 3,750 lbs. Sleeps: 4
MSRP: $584,990


In a recent survey by the camping website The Dyrt, overlanding trips doubled as a share of American camping excursions in 2022-23; almost five percent of campers went overlanding last year. Meanwhile, the idea of overlanding commands broad interest, coming out atop a list of the types of camping respondents would most like to try.


An upgraded version of SylvanSport's popular Go trailer, the GOAT (Go All-Terrain), gets significant upgrades that allow it to wander further afield. Versatile and lightweight, the GOAT doubles as a toy hauler for bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor gear. At the campsite, a pop up tent creates a living space with room for four adults. The trailer's low center of gravity, coupled with tough all-terrain tires, a reinforced chassis, and 18" of ground clearance, give it true overlanding cred. A minimalist approach to off-grid adventures that is both versatile and affordable. sylvansport.com 

Length: 13' 1" Dry Weight: 1,200 lbs. Sleeps: 4
MSRP: $18,495



InTech's OVR Adventure travel trailer not only lets you venture off-road, it helps you bring your favorite toys along for the ride. This model comes with a spacious 13' 3" garage with room for an ATV, dirt bikes, kayaks, or other outdoor equipment. That same space converts to an ample living area with a removable dining room table and sleeper sofas. Other notable features include a nicely equipped kitchen, a wet bath, and a queen-size bed in the primary sleeping space. Heated hold tanks, a power awning, and standard solar prep round out an impressive list of specs. intech.com

Length: 29' 3" Dry Weight: 5,700 lbs. Sleeps: 6
MSRP: $61,880



As its name implies, the Ember Overland Series is a line of towables purpose-built for off-grid adventures. Heavy-duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers on an over-engineered off-road chassis ensure a safe and comfortable ride over many surfaces. At the campsite, dual 200W solar panels keep the onboard appliances and electronics running while leveling jacks make the vehicle safe and stable. Other nice features include an outdoor kitchen, a Winegard signal-boosting antenna, Starlink satellite internet prep, and 12V tank heaters. emberrv.com

Length: 20' 6' - 28' 3" Dry Weight: 4,495-6,805 lbs. Sleeps: 4-6
MSRP: $56,009



The Hike 100 FLX is Winnebago's entry into the lightweight, off-road towable category. This well-equipped vehicle features a low center of gravity and a compact design that gives it excellent stability on and off-road. This towable's 200W solar panels, 320Ah house battery, and efficient appliances allow it to stay completely off the grid for up to five days. It's also compatible with Thule racks, making it easy to bring bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and other outdoor gear along on your journey. Excellent insulation (paired with a 13.5K BTU A/C and 11.5K BTU furnace) helps extend the camping season well into the winter. winnebago.com

Length: 15' 11" Dry Weight: 3,314 lbs. Sleeps: 2-4
MSRP: $56,539


Imperial Outdoors XploreRV X145

Rated for temperatures as low as -40º F, the Imperial Outdoors X145 is one of the best four-season campers on the market. It also happens to be one of the best off-road towables, offering 23" of ground clearance, a rugged air-ride suspension, a reinforced steel frame, and all-terrain tires. The trailer features 60-gallon fresh and gray water tanks, a full kitchen complete with cooktop, refrigerator and sinkplus a bathroom with a shower and dry flush toilet. 240W solar connected to 360Ah battery come standard. imperial-outdoors.com

Length: 21' 7" Dry Weight: 4,400 lbs. Sleeps: 2+
MSRP: $112,950


Forest River No Boundaries Series

Available in 17 different floorplans and a variety of sizes, the No Boundaries Series is an adventure trailer built for mainstream RVers. This towable offers ample storage for all your gear and has a beefed-up suspension, off-road tires, and excellent ground clearance. Interior layouts vary from minimalistic to lavisht, depending on the model. All versions of the NoBo are rugged, agile, and versatile, however, making it a go-anywhere camping workhorse . forestriverinc.com

Length: 13' 10"-26' 2" Dry Weight: 2,255-5,306 lbs. Sleeps: 2-7
MSRP: $20,999


Northwood Nash

The Northwood Nash is proof that you don’t have to rough it on your camping adventures. This travel trailer is available in nine unique floorplans and comes equipped with a modern interior that is both functional and comfortable. Northwood’s proprietary Ironhorse chassis provides stability and durability when wandering off-grid, while 16” wheels–each with its own independent shock absorber—offers a smooth ride on and off-road. But it is the cathedral arched ceilings, array of onboard technology, and four-season performance  that most impresses. 

Length: 22’ 4” - 32’ 4” Dry Weight: 4,177 -  6564 lbs. Sleeps: 4-10
MSRP: $39,999