In New Mexico, Adventure Awaits Around Every Corner



From natural wonder to historical mysteries, this legendary landscape has it all


Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano


This lava tube cave situated on the Continental Divide was formed by the Bandera Volcano more than 3,000 years ago. Inside, temperatures don’t rise above 31 degrees, and ice takes on a green hue thanks to the presence of Arctic algae. New Mexico’s “Land of Fire and Ice” is a unique natural wonder.

bandera ice caves | New Mexico Tourism Department

Artes de Cuba Museum


Santa Fe is home to several museums with worldwide recognition, like the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and Meow Wolf. And few places are as famous for showcasing the beauty and breadth of Native American artwork. However, slightly off the beaten path, you’ll find Artes de Cuba, a museum featuring the work of contemporary Cuban artists living and working on the island. 


Corrales Road Scenic Byway

This brisk 6.7-mile drive takes you through the historic Los Corrales de Alameda district. Along the way you’ll see native fauna and flora, the stunning curves of the Earth, gorgeous architecture and sights of the Rio Grande. 

SAN YSIDRO CHURCH | New Mexico Tourism Department


Cimarron Canyon State Park, Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge, Sugarite Canyon State Park.

More than 500 birds exist on New Mexico’s roster of bird species. That’s a lot to spot. Naturally, birding is entrenched in New Mexico culture, and there are dozens of parks and wildlife refuges to capture glimpses of birds in their majestic habitats. These refuges in the state’s Northeast make great places to start.

Cimarron canyon state park | New Mexico Tourism Department

Faywood Hot Springs


The Faywood Hot Springs is your desert oasis. This natural geothermal resort has both public and private pools, rich in minerals and famed for therapeutic properties. A perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after an inspiring—but tough—hike.


International UFO Museum & Research Center


Dig deep into research and phenomena regarding the infamous 1947 Roswell Incident and other instances of the unexplainable. Are we alone in this universe? Well, the truth is out there … somewhere.

ROSWELL UFO MUSEUM | New Mexico Tourism Department

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