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Curated picks for 100+ Upstate favorites

Special section with art & antique insights

Stories from cultural luminaries and writers

A field guide to the Hudson Valley: art stops and antique shops, historians and filmmakers, small-town delights and Catskills wonders.

Inside Wildsam Hudson Valley you'll find Upstate stories from prize-winning writers, past and present; a detailed road trip plan and profiles to ten idyllic towns; interviews with artists, preservationists, brewers and hardware store owners; delightful miscellany from the archives, selective recommendations about authentic Catskills experiences and a deep-dive into the world of art history and antique collecting.

"Nearly two centuries after Thomas Cole painted the Hudson River onto the map, a world-class collection of art museums and cultural sites inks a brilliant line to trace on both sides of the river."






129 pages, printed in the U.S.A.
Back-pocket size, 4 x 6.5 inches
Featuring more than two dozen local experts

Founder & Editor in Chief Taylor Bruce
Editor Hannah Hayes
Illustrations Steven Weinberg
Contributing Writers Pippa Biddle, Benjamin Davidson, David Grivette, Tracey Minkin
Featuring Ruth Reichl, Nora Lawrence, Jon Bowermaster, Maryline Damour