Launched in the fall of 2012, Wildsam is a series of American field guides, small books with a lot of soul, packed with local lore, interviews, memoir, hand-drawn maps, personal essays and more. Equal parts travel guide and tribute, the field guides suit both weekender and native. 

We often come back to a single sentence when thinking about the beginnings of Wildsam. "And the world was peopled with wonders." If you've not read Steinbeck's East of Eden, the scene's gist is this: an Irishman settles with his sprawling family on a dried-up spread in the Salinas Valley. One day, out digging a well with his two sons, the men hit a quarry of unfamiliar black rock. One son thinks it might be a buried locomotive. The other, some valuable ore. The father, Sam, thinking he might be looking at a fallen meteor, gets what Steinbeck describes as "that joyous faraway look" on his face. We can't imagine a better description of curiosity.

We believe Steinbeck's words to be as true as the ground we walk on. And we think knowing what's in that ground matters. We make our field guides in hopes of populating their pages with those buried joys.

Our third field guide - San Francisco - will launch on November 20, 2013. 


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About the editor. My name is Taylor Bruce. I've spent the better part of ten years writing for magazines. Men's Journal, Budget Travel, Southern Living, Oxford American, Paste, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic Adventure, and a few others. Today, I live in Austin with my wife, Robin, and our dog, Coop. 

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